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Customer Concern

Your feedback is important to us. Only you can tell us if our products meet your needs and what we can do to improve. Please note that anonymous concerns will not be accepted and you may withdraw your concern at anytime.

Are you submitting a conern on behalf of someone else?
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Are you affiliated or associated in any way with any of our competitors?
Was the product on sale/discounted?
Did you check the product integrity when you picked the package from the shelf?
Did you notice any damage or abnormality when you inspected/purchased?
Did you handle/transfer the product?
Was it taken straight home?
Did you consume the product?
Was there any off smell?
Was there anything off with the taste?
Was there any issues with the colour?
Did you experience any illness?
Did you find a foreign object in the product?
Did you experience any injury?
Did you seek any medical consultion?
Did you get treated at any hospital emergency room?
Did you contact the store?
Did you return the product to store or ask for a refund?
Do you have a receipt for the purchasing of the product?
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Do you have a pricture of the product?
Will you be submitting any attachments along with this form?
Are you able to ship the product back to Donut Time for further analysis?
Is it the first time you are purchasing this product?
Is it the first time you are filing a concern to Donut Time?
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Thanks for submitting!

Notice: While investigating your concern, Donut Time will only disclose your personal information to staff who require the information to perform the investigation. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else unless you provide written consent for such sharing

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