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Privacy Policy

Donut Time commits to produce highest quality, safe products, using clearly defined policies, procedures and documentations. We have a long standing commitment to improving what we do and to supply safe, quality products to our customers. We achieve this by implementing a HACCP based quality system which is independently audited by a third party auditing agency.


To ensure regulatory and customer requirements are met and exceeded, we emphasis on food quality, safe, legality and continuous improvement is the base of our relation with our business partners and suppliers, and ensure that the appropriate resources are committed towards implementing this policy across all our operations and communicating our policies and standards to all our employees involved in all aspects of operation.


Our employees are our most valuable assets. They understand our policy, our commitment and our customers’ requirements, and participate in our continuous improvement team which feeds our food safety and quality system reviews. The continued involvement of our employees in a main contributor to our success.


We regularly measure compliance against these standards and implement performance objectives to assure our customers that we are providing products is safe to eat while meeting their quality expectations. our food safety and quality performance is reviewed annually to ensure this policy continues to reflect the aims and aspiration of our company and keeps up to date with legislation requirements and customers expectations.

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